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The Amazing Giraffe Manor in Kenya

It's been dubbed the most Instagrammed hotel in the world and we can see why. At certain times a day, giraffes are everywhere with heads popping up on balconies and at the breakfast table, helping themselves to your toast and cornflakes. 

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Joanna Hardy, the Jewellery Expert

Too good to miss…we've giving one of our favourite episodes another airing. Joanna is one of the world's leading experts on jewellery and one of the leading lights on the BBC Antiques Roadshow. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 

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How to Spend the Day at Warwick Castle

We're looking back over a thousand years of action-packed history at Warwick Castle in the heart of Middle England. This medieval fortress, complete with battlements and dungeons, is situated in Shakespeare country, barely a ten-mile drive from Stratford-Upon-Avon. 

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The Home of Traditional Cheddar Cheese

This week, we're veering slightly off our normal track to take a look at a food of British origin. 

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Secrets of the New Forest

In Hampshire and Dorset in the south of England, we explore the country's most visited national park. It's a wild and beautiful place where the locals, ponies, cattle and even pigs roam free under obscure common laws that date back to feudal times. We...

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Saving Bees in South Africa

Di Luden is Executive Director for the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA)  and one of her projects has been to rehome bees. The charity has already rehomed over 150 beehives across Mantis eco-estates within the Eastern Cape – creating a habitat for around 11...

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The travel podcast from Peter and Felice Hardy

Welcome to ActionPacked, the travel podcast. Our idea for this podcast came about a few months ago, before the world as we know it changed.

‘Should we carry on or mothball it?’ We wondered. Hell no, let’s go for it. So we launched on Friday 13th March 2020. But instead of making it travel with a holiday angle, for now we’re featuring a series of interviews with fascinating people who have done amazing things.

Some of the interviews might not seem to be directly related to travel, but all of the people we’ve spoken to have been inspired by their journeys.

Together we’ve spent half a lifetime travelling to just about every corner of the world, making a living as travel writers out of what we like doing best – and that’s skiing, biking, hiking, eating, exploring, city breaks, seaside, shopping…and a whole lot more. 

Each week, ActionPacked gives us the opportunity to share with you on the show some of these great experiences and the amazing people we meet along the way. You can find out much more about us here on actionpackedtravel.com. 

We’ll regularly be posting links and transcripts of our shows and a load of detailed information here about the holidays, the places, and the activities that we mention. How to get there, where to stay, what it costs, and other useful stuff. 

To us the winter and spring months means lots of skiing – it’s our premier profession, but life’s not just all about going downhill. We also like sunny beaches, crazy cities and the call of the wild.

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We’re UK-based travel and skiing journalists, editors and podcasters, working in print, online and broadcast.
Peter is co-editor of the ski information website Welove2ski and is Ski Correspondent of British national newspaper The Telegraph. He has skied since he first went to Lech as a child on a family holiday and has since been to some 520 resorts around the world. His 20-year career as a foreign correspondent took him to hotspots across the world and from it he developed a passion for travel. Favourite places include: Val d’Isere, the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda and Chile’s Lake District.

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