May 2020

ActionPacked has now been going for 90 days since we started, and we’ve had almost 2,000 downloads last time I looked, in 29 different countries worldwide. Each person listens for an average of 30 minutes per episode, and our subjects have ranged from safaris to winter sports, jewellery to crime writing. Some of these might…

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April 2020

Welcome to our second month of ActionPacked. Last month we started with a man who’d skied around the world, and Britain’s no 1 crime writer. This month we’ve spoken to a food writer, a couple who cycled across Southeast Asia, a hot-air balloonist who flew over the Niagara Falls, and a railway expert. We can’t…

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March 2020

Our idea for this podcast came about a few months ago, before the world as we know it changed. ‘Should we carry on or mothball it?’ We wondered. Hell no, let’s go ahead. So we launched on Friday 13th March 2020 – not the greatest date. But instead of making it travel with a holiday…

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