January 2021

January 2021

Hungry Cyclist

Photo: © The Hungry Cyclist.

A new year and we thought 2021 would be one to celebrate the end of Covid and that we might be travelling again, skiing in the Alps, but that was not to be. We hope that this year will bring an end to it, albeit later than we’d hoped.

Meanwhile at Action Packed Travel, we’ve had some of our favourite interviews in January: Food and Travel With Sarah Barrell, Travels With The Hungry Cyclist, and  John-Paul Flintoff: An Eventful Life.

Sarah Barrell is Associate Editor of National Geographic Traveller and a regular contributor to BBC Good Food. She tells us about her amazing journeys around the world in just about every publication in the UK.

Tom Kevill-Davies, The Hungry Cyclist, has managed to carve a highly successful career for himself out of his twin passions, cycling and eating. His home in Burgundy, France, looks amazing and he runs cycling holidays based there. We can’t want to go!

Finally there was John-Paul, whose name we misspelt (sorry!) thinking it was the French spelling. He’s a remarkable writer, artist, public speaker – a master of the arts at large – and very amusing, too.

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