March 2020

March 2020

Our idea for this podcast came about a few months ago, before the world as we know it changed. ‘Should we carry on or mothball it?’ We wondered. Hell no, let’s go ahead. So we launched on Friday 13th March 2020 – not the greatest date. But instead of making it travel with a holiday angle, as we’d originally planned, we felt we had to change it. So, instead we’re featuring a series of interviews with fascinating people who have done amazing things.

Some of the interviews might not seem to be directly related to travel, but all of the people we’ve spoken to have been inspired by their journeys. When we are once again able to travel the world, we might change the format a little, and cover destinations live. For now, we’re having to stay at home and are making the most of it. This podcast is a celebration of travel and why we love it.

Water-to-Go North America

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