October 2020

October 2020


Photo: © WookeyHole.com

October saw one of our biggest three episodes, in terms of downloads: Mark Palmer, Newspaper Travel Editor. The Daily Mail might not be everyone’s newspaper of choice, but it can’t be denied that its online version is one of the biggest newspaper websites in the world. We then thought that, as well as having a newspaper journalist on our podcast (and we have had several) it was time to interview a blogger just to find out what they do – so one of our October episodes was with VickyFlipFlop, a British travel blogger. We ended October with the inevitable Halloween episodes, at Wookey Hole. It was also our last episode to be recorded on location for a while, as we in the UK are back into lockdown for the next month. November’s episodes will all be on Zoom, but we have plenty of interesting people out there who we’ll be interviewing.


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